- 03.18.2014
The galleries have received an extensive facelift. Go check to see what manner of eldritch imagery I've supplied the internet with this time.

- 05.09.2013
I have recently collaborated with Malkyru on emergency commissions to help fund my cost of living. [/starvingartist.] The result has been experimental, and occasionally unique, digital pieces.

Keep an eye out for our shameless/ful splodges in the galleries.

- 12.27.2012

Keyboard legend Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. pimps a shirt that was forced upon gifted to him! You can BUY IT HERE!

- 03.16.2012
All of the galleries have now been stocked with art and photos of an oft questionable nature.

Should anyone notice any bugs with the layout, please notify me AT ONCE.

I will also be attempting to implement both Facebook buttons and a mobile redirect, but this may not happen for some time. As usual, many, many thanks to Neolmas for his programming prowess and obstinate patience with troubleshooting.

- 03.04.2012
Big changes are coming within the next few days, so keep your eyes and ears open. I'll likely even be using the mailing list for its intended purpose.

As always, in the meanwhile you can find art, info, links, and really everything you'll ever need in life by (what else?) scrolling horizontally.

Orbyss at Hotherym.net