Who's Eorhythm?
   Hi, I'm Eorhythm

As you might imagine, I'm a living entity composed largely of organic compounds.

I've been known to engage in behaviors such as the creation of images and verbal utterances, sometimes for monetary gain. Occasionally I've found myself in the midst of trying to produce structured sequences of noise. I'm also a spectacularly adept underachiever by tutelage.

I'm a teetolating, non-reproductive, minimal-impact, freelance naturalist. I boast an extensive history of dabbling in the natural sciences, including biology, paleontology, anthropology, and geology. It may be said by some that I have an innate knack for comprehending both medical and psychological theories.

New Mexico is not my native habitat. I hail from the frozen, tornado ridden wetlands of northernmost midwest United States, where I was raised to understand that life is ephemeral.

I'm a self-diagnosed ambulating multiple entendre.

Everything you've read here has been a transient metacognisant quasipsychotic episode of chronicle fatigue. Many thanks go to Neolmas for his bravery and diligence in assisting with the creation of this befuddling website.

What's Eorhythm?

  • An unrequited dilettante
  • A corrugated philanthropist
  • Various recondite superlatives
  • The audacious cryptæsthete
  • Really goddamn tired
  • A purveyor of bifurcated consciousness
  • The chronic perturbator
  • That bump in the night you think may be cancer so you keep poking it while worrying yourself into the worst insomnia you've ever experienced until you discover two weeks later after several biopsies that it was an ingrown hair
Where's Eorhythm?